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My Computer 我的电脑

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My Computer 我的电脑  第一篇

Computer is more and more popular at present. I have my own computer and its color is light GREen. It's more convenient for me to study with a computer. And the best of all is that computer can tell me almost everything I want to know. It really helps me a lot and has become a trustworthy friend of mine.


The family computer 家用电脑  第二篇作文

The family computer is small and not very expensive, but it has a good look. It can be used easily. You can calculate, make notes, learn English, call others and type letters on it. Computers can work hundreds of times faster than human beings. What' s more, you can surf on the net, watch VCDs, play games, do office work and even do shopping in a supermarket with it. By connecting a computer to the Internet, we can get the latest information in all fields. We have been GREatly helped by computers. Through the Intemet, computers help us live a more convenient life. They link the world and make the world a large family.


Indulging in computer games 沉迷于电脑游戏 第3篇作文



  提示词: give up concentrate on be (become)interested in

  Li Xiaohu spent too much time playing computer games and fell behind others.


  Li Xiaohu spent too much time playing computer games and he fell behind others. As a good/close friend of his, I must do something to help him.

  First, I must tell him that playing computer games too much is bad for his health, especially for his eyes. So he must give it up. I can play more sports with him after school. Maybe he will become more interested in sports than computer games.

  And then I'll ask him to concentrate more on his study. Of course, I will try my best to help him with all his subjects. I think I can do it in many fun ways and let him find much fun in studying.

  At the same time, I'll ask both his parents and our teachers to help him, too. If I try these, I'm sure he will make great progress soon.





Computers 电脑  第4篇作文

 Computers are changing our life. You can do a lot of things with a computer. Such as, you can use a computer to write articles, watch video CDs, play games and do office work. But the most important use of a computer is to join the Internet. By joining a computer to Internet, we can get the latest information in all fields. We don’t need to leave home to borrow books from a library or to do shopping in a supermarket.

  Computers help us live a more convenient life. With the development of computers, the word is becoming a large family.



My Computer 我的电脑 第五篇作文

When I was in grade four in primary school, my father taught me how to use computer. After that, I was very interested in playing computer. I watched movies, played computer games, searched the Internet and listened to the music on computer. My father must work on his computer, so he bought another for me. I was very happy that I had my own computer. I am always very careful to use my computer, because I am worried I would break it. I often chat with my net friends. Because of my computer, I make many friends who have many in common. Of course, I use my computer in study. There are resources on the Internet. I can learn more after class. It does great help to me.


My View on Computers 电脑之我见  第六篇作文

 Computers have played an important part in our life. They can do most of the things people can do. Through computers, we can acquire knowledge and get the latest news. Computers have made the communication with our friends convenient and easy.But some young people are so interested in playing games on line that they even drop out of school. It is not the computers' fault.It depends on the users. We should make good use of computers.


Computers 电脑  第七篇作文

It is known to us all that the computer is the most important invention in the 20th century. It has been developed a lot since it appeared. Also, our daily life has greatly changed because of it.

  A computer can think and remember things like man, but it is millions of times faster than human begins. As a result, computers have been used in the fields of agriculture, industry, education and so on. For example, we can learn our lessons at home by using a computer instead of going to school.

  Computers have entered our daily life. So it is important for us to learn how to use a computer. And we must start right now.




Computers started to become popular 电脑开始变得受欢迎  第八篇作文

Computers started to become popular with big companies in the 1960s.


  You’ve probably known about computers your whole life. But computers have not really been around for very long. Computers started to become popular with big companies in the 1960s. Computers didn’t become widespread in homes and schools until the 1980s.


  People use computers in many ways. Stores use computers to keep track of products and check you out at the cash register. Banks use computers to send money all over the world.

  Computers help teachers keep track of lessons and grades. They help students do research and learn. Computers let you hook up to networks (many computers hooked together). They let you hook up to a worldwide network called the Internet.

  Scientists use computers to solve research problems. Engineers use computers to make cars, trucks, and airplanes. Architects use computers to design houses and other buildings. The police use computers to track down criminals. The military uses computers to make and read coded messages.

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